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A Nurses-Aides Prayer


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A Nurses-Aides Prayer

Lord, before I leave for work today,

I need to take the time to pray.

I want to serve You faithfully,

And perform my tasks with dignity.

When I 'counter moments of stress,

I pray for help to do my best.

While assisting cares for a resident,

I heard her whisper a prayer lament.

If a resident is upset with me,

I ask him to forgive, I plea.

Residents suffer, expressings fears,

Others grumble of aging years.

Some residents glow from faith inside,

Where dignity rules their hearts of pride.

Some residents feel they live in despair,

When in the "Home" their destined there.

"Resident Rights" are a vital must,

For quality care to us they entrust.

Grant me compassion O' Lord I pray,

as You guide me through my working day.

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