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Hello, I am Linda J. Adams.
I am very pleased to meet you.
I live in Iowa, and I am very happily married.
My husband Larry is a skilled Circut Board Driller,
and I am a Certified Nursing Assistant.
I work at a long term care facility
administering cares for the aged
and physcially challenged.
I love helping people
and the Lord has blessed me with
compassion as well as educating me
in the field of Health care.
Larry and I have both been married before
so we have an instant family on both sides.
Togeather, we have 4 adult children
and 12 grandchildren
Oh, how I love my family.
I put God first in my life.
For our time here on earth
is just a little while.
But our Eternal soul will live on forever.
That is why we must be ready when God comes.
He could come like a thief in the night.
I will be ready.
Will you be ready when God comes?
Only you and God knows that answer.
But I want to live my eternal life
in the paradise of Heaven.
I want to walk with Jesus.
I want to be His servant in Heaven
as well as on earth.
Yes, I will be ready when my Lord comes.
and I shall lift up my eyes
and unto His loving face.
I hope you enjoy your visit
while at my website, and please
do stop back again.

God bless you!
Linda J. Adams


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