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Moses at the Burning Bush

Moses was in Horeb and saw a burning bush that
did not burn up. So he walked toward the bush
to see it up close.

God saw that Moses was starting to come near
the bush. God told him not to get too close
and to take off his shoes because it was holy

Then God told Moses that he had seen Israel's
tough time in Egypt and had heard their cries.
God said that He had come to deliver Israel
from the Egyptians. God told Moses that he
would send him to Pharaoh to bring His people
out of Israel.

Moses was worried that he was not able to bring
Israel out of Egypt. God told Him not to worry
because He would be with him.

And Moses was worried that Israel would want to
know God's name. God said: "I AM WHO I AM."
Moses was to tell them: "I AM has sent me to you."

Then Moses was worried that the people would not
believe him. So God gave him three miracles to
perform so that they would believe. First his rod
would turn into a serpent and then back to a rod.
Second, his hand would turn white and then back to
normal. And third, water from the river would turn
into blood.

Then Moses was worried because he was not a good
speaker. God told him that He would teach him
what to say. And God gave him Aaron, his brother,
to be his spokesman.


1. Did the burning bush burn up?

2. Why did Moses have to take off his shoes?

3. Moses was worried about bringing Israel out of Egypt.
Was God going to be with him?

4. Is God with us?

5. Was Moses worried that the people would not believe?

6. Should we believe God?

7. Was Moses worried about being a good speaker?

8. Should we worry about telling other people about God?

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