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Adam and Eve

God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat from one tree
in the garden. One day the snake tricked Eve into eating
from that tree. And Eve gave Adam some of the fruit to eat.

Because they ate the fruit they knew that they were naked.
Then they hid from God.

Adam told God that Eve had given him some of the fruit to eat.
Eve told God that the snake had tricked her into eating.

God punished Adam and Eve for not obeying His commands.
And God punished the snake for tricking Eve.

Adam and Eve had to leave the garden and could never go
back again because they had disobeyed God.
But God still loved them and they had a family.


1. What did God command Adam and Eve not to eat?

2. Did the snake trick Eve into disobeying God?

3. Did Eve give Adam some of the fruit to eat?

4. Why did they hide from God?

5. Did God punish Adam, Eve, and the snake?

6. Should we obey God?

7. Does God love us?

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