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    David And Goliath


Long before Mary and Joseph
or Jesus were born,
God said to Samuel, His priest,
"Put oil in your horn,
and go now and find
the Bethlehem boy
I have in mind to be king
of My people someday."
It was in the home of
Jesse that Samuel went.
After meeting and greeting his sons,
he asked: "Are there more?"
And so Jesse sent to the fields
for his youngest, David the shepherd boy,
handsome and strong. God said to Samuel:
"You are looking
for one to be king - this is he!
Take Holy oil, anoint him for Me!"
Nobody knew except God
and His Holy man,
Samuel, what this would do.
Alone on the hills he had to keep
lions and bears from stealing his sheep,
and the Spirit of God
gave him such courage and might
that the wildest of creatures he dared fight!

There was at that time a long war.
The Philistine army and the Israelites,
under King Saul camped on two mountains.
Each morning a Philistine giant,
Goliath of Gath, came down
in the Valley of Elah to call
"Is there any man
who will fight against me?"
I shall chop off his head
and cut up his body
like bread to toss
to the beast and the birds!
Who will dare?" Goliath
the gaint put fear in each
Israelite heart with this shout.
His brass armor clinked;
his long spear made even
the bravest men doubt
that any could fight him and win.

One day the shepherd boy, David,
came with cheese and some bread
for his brothers who fought in Saul's army.
Like the others, they ran when Goliath came down.
When David saw this, he said with a frown:
"Goliath makes fun of our God!
Does no one believe
that the Lord takes care of His armies in need?"
"I will fight this giant myself!"

King Saul heard of David's brave words.
He sent for the boy and he smiled.
"You are hardly more than a child!
Goliath knows all about war!
What are you offering for?"
Said David: "Out in the field when either
a lion or bear tried to steal my father's young sheep,
my God helped me fight with him there.
I know in this battle
God will shield and deliver me still!"

Saul put his armor on David:
"Here is my coat of mail...
my helmet... my very own sword.
Go! In the name of the Lord!"
But Saul's armor was heavy; he fell.
"I cannot wear them, O King!
I am used to only a sling!"
With his sling and his shepherd's crook
David stopped to search at the brook
for some stones. With these in his bag,
he went on to the place where Goliath of Gath
made the Israelites tremble in fear.

"Who is there?" roared Goliath.
His shield bearer stood before him,
but he was still able to see.
David the shepherd boy. And with a sneer
and a laugh that was cruel,
Goliath drew near.
"Why do you pick such a boy for this fight?
Am I but a dog to be chased with a stick?
Come! I will throw all your bones to the birds
of the air and the beast of the field!"

David reached for the stones.
"Your spear is sharp, long and strong;
your shield is great and heavy too.
There is one reason that I came.
You mock the Lord and ... in His name
I have power to conquer you!"
David's hand dipped in his bag.
Before Goliath had time to see
he put a stone in his sling and - WHEE!
It hit the Philistine in the head;
he staggered, then fell forward
Goliath was dead!

David ran with a glorious shout
and took the giant's heavy sword
and cut off his head.
Soon the word spread through
the Philistine camp.
The men raced hard to get away.
The Israelites were close behind
the Philistines and so many died that day
of the Philistine's army.

Triumphantly they marched
to bring the battle news
and Goliath's head
to Saul, the waiting king, who said:
"Your strength from God, O David,
wins Israel this victory;
my army needs such bravery!"
From that day on young David stayed
at court with Saul, who knew
he'd need a captain who was strong
to lead his men in other battles too.
This army training helped him grow to be,
in time, God's chosen king -
he who once had been a boy who killed
a giant with a sling!

        Author Unknown