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Take the Multiple Choice Quiz

The relationship of food and health

(1). The result of those processes whereby the food takes
in and uses food for growth, development, and
maintenance of health is called
a. respiration
b. diet therapy
c. nutrition
d. digestion

(2).Nutritional status is determined by
a. heredity
b. employment
c. personality
d. diet

(3). To nourish the body adequately, one must
a. avoid all empty calorie foods
b. eat foods containing the six essential nutrients
c. include fats at every meal
d. restrict proteins at breakfast

(4). Nutrients used primarily to provide heat and energy to the body are
a. vitamins and water
b. carbohydrates and fats
c. proteins and vitamins
d. vitamins and minerals

(5). Nutrients used mainly to build and repair body tissues are
a. proteins, vitamins, and minerals
b. carbohydrates and fats
c. fats and water
d. iron and fats

(6). Foods such as potato chips, cakes, sodas, and candy are called
a. dietetic foods
b. essential nutrient foods
c. empty calorie foods
d. nutritious foods

(7). An inadequate supply of essential nutrients in the diet may result in
a. stamina
b. malnutrition
c. indigestion
d. diabetes

(8). Nutritional anemia is caused by a lack of
a. proteins
b. carbohydrates
c. vitamins
d. iron

(9). The cumulative effect of a high-fat diet could be
a. iron deficiency
b. blindness
c. heart disease
d. diabetes mellitus

(10). Malnutrition could be caused by
a. poor posture
b. constipation
c. disease or drug therapy
d. hypertension

Answers below

1.  (c)
2.  (d)
3.  (b)
4.  (b)
5.  (a)
6.  (c)
7.  (b)
8.  (d)
9.  (c)
10. (c)