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What Does Being A CNA Mean To Me?

I start each day of my professional life,
remembering and practicing a code of ethics.
I have a special gift from God called caring,
it is weaved within my soul.
I reach out with this gift and help others in need.
I plant a seed to watch it grow and flourish.
I nourish it, then pass it on.
For the true meaning of caring
is to love unselfishly with an undivided heart.
I administer ADL's to my residents
with respect and privacy.
I give the best care possible,
in hopes to earn their trust,
therefore, creating a confidence that will endure.
If I could look inside my residents hearts
what would I see?
All residents suffer pain from losses.
Some residents hid behind a wall of untrust,
rebellion, or rejection.
but, the majority of residents,
live out their lives accepting
our help with open arms.
It is not my place to judge,
or to change their disposition,
but to offer kindness in empathy for their griefs.
I respect their feelings,
and most important I respect and protect their rights.
I am their advocate and I will intercede for them.
It is my duty to encourage them to step forward.
To challenge rehabilitation
with dedication and determination.
I must act in a respectful and professional manner.
I put their needs first and refrain from gossip
within my life or the hardships of my profession.
I will honor their right not only to live,
but to die in dignity and self respect.
Let me not forget
that I too, may become dependant for care someday.
I could find myself destined to long term care
or rehabilation,
I hope to be given quality care,
privacy, respect and rights.
As every resident is entitled to receive.
I administer health care knowing that every man
and every woman is somebody's mother,
father, daughter or son.
Life is to short to worry
about the petty things of yesterday,
and to long to anticapate the future.
So I live for today in hopes
that any unfinished challenges
will be brought forth and conquered tommorrow.